Susie's - Papaya Delight Hot Sauce

Susie's - Papaya Delight Hot Sauce

Susie's - Papaya Delight Hot Sauce

Susie's Spicy Papaya Delight - Susie's Hot Sauce is a small cottage business, yet it is internationally renowned for its huge taste. It is almost impossible to visit Antigua without becoming intimately acquainted with this Caribbean delicacy. And once you've been introduced...It is even harder to forget! Susie has been pleasing palates since this sauce was first introduced. It has captured the hearts, minds and taste buds of chile heads and pepper sauce aficionados all over the world. Visitors insist on returning home with bottles of Susie's sauces for family and friends, sharing the warmth of the sun-drenched paradise, its people, and the joy of their tropical experience.

From Antigua

Ingredients: ripe papaya, hot peppers, cane syrup, vinegar & spices.
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Ingrédients: Papaye mûre, piments, sirop de canne à sucre, vinaigre, épices.

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  • PROVENANCE - Barbade
  • CONTENU - 150ml
  • SCOVILLE - Unknown