Blair's - Mega Death Hot Sauce - 150ml

Blair's - Mega Death Hot Sauce - 150ml

Blair's - Mega Death Hot Sauce - 150ml

Blair's Mega Death Sauce With Liquid Rage and with Skull Key Chain - # 5 On Our Top 20 Hottest List! Think you're tough?? Are you ready to have your ass kicked? We all need an attitude adjustment now and then. Now you've found it - Mega Death will fool your mouth and rock your world. Comes in a deathly awesome coffin shaped box! Dear Chili pal, Since 1989, it has been my passion to create food that makes people smile... to spread my sauces & snacks around the globe, one Chili head at a time. To watch your eyes light up, put a smile on your face, & most of all, make you FEEL ALIVE!! I am fun in a Coffin for you to enjoy. To you I say a Sincere Thank You & welcome to my wonderful world of spice. Know who you are & FEEL ALIVE!! Your Chilipal, Blair Suggested uses: BEWARNED: This sauce contain
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Ingrédients: piments habanero, piments de Cayenne, vinaigre, sel, arôme naturel, mélasse, purée de goyave, gingembre, amidon de maïs, ail, piments chipotle, oignon, épices.

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